The SEAL API is your solution for precise image anonymization, uniquely positioned to preserve AI training data, deliver outstanding accuracy and speed, and offer an intuitive experience for developers.

The SEAL API is a powerful service designed for the effortless and precise anonymization of sensitive personal information found in images, such as human faces and license plates, accessible through a user-friendly API.

What sets the SEAL API apart from other anonymization services, like mosaic or basic blurring, are its three key features below:

1. Preservation of AI Training Data Value

Unlike simple anonymization methods such as mosaics or blurs, which can distort images unsuitable for AI training, SEAL excels in preserving the data's value for AI training. The SEAL API employs patented technology to ensure robust anonymization while retaining the data's integrity for AI training. Utilizing SEAL for building AI models offers significant advantages.

2. Exceptional Accuracy and Speed

SEAL stands out with its exceptional accuracy and speed. It reliably identifies human faces and license plates within the images without missing a single detail. Furthermore, it processes a large number of images rapidly, demonstrating impressive speed and efficiency.

3. User-Friendly and Intuitive API

Using the SEAL API is hassle-free. Its design prioritizes simplicity and intuitiveness, making it a developer-friendly interface that can deliver desired results with just a few lines of code.